A day in a Slashdot future

Imagining a day in the future is a useful exercise. This Slashdot example show why: a series of trends, assumptions, and foci appearing in the very accessible day-in-the-life-of.
For instance, lunchtime:

The server robot finally rolls up to your table and deposits your sandwich, along with a glass of water (soda is a rare treat these days, because of the tax). After eating half your meal and picking at the rest, you realize it’s not hunger that’s making you feel poorly. You briefly remove the CID from your phone and wave it across the table to pay for your food. You leave a small tip for the robot maintenance engineer, then walk to your car, calling work on your way to notify them you’re feeling ill. Once you’ve instructed the car to go home, you recline the seat and take a short nap. The car gently chimes to wake you when you’re safely home. Heading inside, you walk to the bathroom and root around in a drawer for your phone’s medical attachment. Once connected, you instruct it to contact the CDC’s servers for a virus definition update. You quickly swab your nose and throat, and place the samples on the attachment’s sensor, then step into the kitchen to make some tea while you wait. In 20 minutes, the results come back, showing a very strong likelihood that you have the seasonal flu. Your results are automatically sent to the CDC, where their algorithms verify your CID and confirm you had contact with several other people now exhibiting symptoms. An antiviral drug is prescribed for you immediately. You dispatch your car to pick it up.

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