One digital future

“A Digital Tomorrow” is a short design fiction video imagining several ways digital technology could impact daily life.  But it’s not techno-utopianism; instead, it shows people sometimes failing to get tech working.

Warren Ellis points out that interfaces offer an unusual futuring opportunity:

User Interface, however, is in a sense all about the characters. All about the people. And, as in A Digital Tomorrow, has things both speculative and critical to say about the approach of the next New Normal. In the way that core science fiction, which acts as social fiction, speaks to the potentials of the present and the strange weather of the future.

A few more thoughts:

  • Notice how un-digital most of the story is.  The majority of surfaces lack digital displays.  Most objects are analog.
  • Very low budget.  Anyone can do this!
  • Much is inferred rather than described.
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