Computing and learning after the smartphone

What happens to digital technology if Moore’s Law continues to hold?  What happens to learning, if hardware keeps on shrinking?

Here‘s a neat use of extrapolation to imagine a future.

It is hard to imagine the implications of being able to embed a tiny fully functional networked computer into pretty much anything we desire. Couple semantic agents that can make sense of ‘big data’ streams with fully functional computers that can sense their environment (sensors like mobile phones), communicate with other agents/computers, and take action on that basis – the possibilities are endless.


Right after reading that post, I cam across this one from the Singularity Hub: “The key development in 2013 will be computers molded to human anatomy (finally!).”  It fits nicely in that extrapolative curve: “It’s time for computers to integrate with biology, and there’s no better place to start than with the eyes.”

(via Stephen Downes)

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