One Apple education future

Here‘s another vision of education in 2020.  I’m struck by its emphasis on Apple products.

The iPad:

The tablet will be the dominant learning platform and will contain all dynamic course content and will allow students to attend classes, online study groups, and parse through libraries with millions of volumes.

The Apps Store:

Institutions will be defined by their apps and the way they structure content for mobile devices.


There will also be a content marketplace – much like an iTunes, and a vast majority of institutions will sell their own content to both individuals and other institutions. Institutions will focus on subject niches and will have less internal competencies around fewer focus areas that aren’t directly related to their core research. The best content will rise to the top and be purchased from other institutions.

And the use of iPad images as proxy for “the future”:

To his credit Grant Sabatier mentions other, non-Cupertino-related developments, like gamification and networked learning.  But it fascinates me to see how one company can loom so large in a prediction.  Call it the Steve Jobs Future Distortion Field.


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