One future for higher education

Maybe American education will allocate more resources towards preparing students for jobs in health care.  Consider this breakdown of what the US spent money on earlier this year:

Health care vies with housing for lead position.  And the medical sector wins if we disentangle the two components under “Housing”, namely rent/mortgage versus utilities.  Moreover, housing and utilities are subject to bubbling, as we’ve recently learned, whereas health care isn’t likely to pop anytime soon.

Let me use this single datapoint to anchor a scenario I’ve been brooding about for a while.  Call it Health Care Nation.  The US economy is flat, except for the medical sector.  That’s where the jobs are, thanks to a combination of huge elderly population, rapid turnover in some areas (nursing), continuous cost growth, and no way for this to falter until most of the Boomers die.

So for education this means increased teaching to health care.  More premed programs, plus more allied fields (med tech, for example).  More med schools.  K-12 starts tracking potential health care workers earlier and with greater care.

What happens to other fields, which could dwindle?  How does this impact the use of technology?

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