The Facebook phone as future artifact

Here’s an example of futuring through artifacts: a day in the life of a Facebook phone user.
For example,

I make a few free calls throughout the morning, using the phone’s Skype integration. It’s as simple as holding the thumbs-up button and saying my contact’s name. Most of my friends have a similar device; those that don’t, I can still reach via their desktop. Everyone keeps a Facebook tab open these days in case they miss a call.

Lunchtime, and my screen fills up with coupons from local merchants. I dismiss them all with a tap, head to my favorite sandwich place, point the phone at a QR code reader. Hey presto: my tenth sandwich is free. The Facebook OS was rolled out with a massive small business partner program; Zuckerberg always said that was where the big money was.

Setting aside the question of Facebook actually offering such a thing (I say 50-50 odds), this is a useful futures exercise.  Imagine a future, then create an artifact from it.  Conceive of what life would be like with it.

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