Futuring water

Interesting post about the future of water.  For one thing, the author worries that we’re not futuring hard enough about it:

As yet, there’s no futures market for water. (is that true?)

For another, Lisa Margonelli notes the possibility of water-driven geographical transformation:

He sees businesses shifting out of areas that fail to reach agreements around water, and towards areas with easy water. And when the jobs go, the people will follow. What area “in the U.S. is best positioned for water? The Great Lakes. I see the Rust Belt flourishing over the next 30 years, while people will leave places like Colorado.”

That “he” is “Bill Brennan, a principal at the water hedge fund Summit Global Management.”  How many water hedge funds are there?

Note, too, the possible rise in old tensions: inter-regional, rural vs urban, environmentalists vs developers.

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