Extrapolation fodder

Here’s a fun set of trends from 2011.  We can use them to extrapolate into 2012 and beyond.

1. The UnCollege Movement Begins
2. The Ecosystem of Innovation Gets the Fuel it Needs
3. The Death of the Traditional Textbook
4. Gates Foundation Backs Education as a Venture Investor
5. Private Equity Bets on Education Giants
6. The Big LMS Gets Some Competition
7. New Tools for Early Adopter Instructors
8. Edmodo Builds First Whole Network of K-12 Users
9. Chegg Buys Its Way Into a Network of Post-Secondary Users
10. Professional Development Is Easy for Tech Entrepreneurs
11. Schools Are Scaling, and so Are Professors

We can have fun criticizing these (esp. #11), too.

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