One future of work

Future Work Skills 2020 offers a good outline of what employers are likely to demand.

(click through for the full map)

This IFTF study was based on identifying a very interesting set of drivers:

  • extreme longevity
  • rise of smart machines and systems:
  • Workplace automation
  • computational world
  • new media ecology
  • superstructed organizations (social technologies drive new forms of production and value creation)
  • globally connected world

Skills are derived from how those play out.

Next, the study offers some suggestions for schools:

Placing additional emphasis on developing skills such as critical thinking, insight, and analysis capabilities

Integrating new-media literacy into education programs

Including experiential learning that gives prominence
to soft skills—such as the ability to collaborate, work in
groups, read social cues, and respond adaptively

Broadening the learning constituency beyond teens and young adults through to adulthood

Integrating interdisciplinary training that allows students to develop skills and knowledge in a range of subjects

Here’s a panel presentation on the report.

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